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Make People “Fall-in-Love”

With more than 2.2 million books published every single year, it’s incredibly difficult to make your book stand out. Readers have so many books to choose from these days. 

You may only have a few seconds to grab a potential reader’s attention and make them attracted to your book, and an eye-catching book cover can achieve just that.

First Impression Count!

The job of your cover is to get people attention and then to read the blurb for further explanation, much like a shop window is dressed to entice people inside. 

Like a pretty Sales Girl who can make people to enter our shop.

Character of Your Book

The visual design of your book will illustrate the content of the book you are presenting. And the right cover book design will show the characteristic of your book.

Creates Certain Expectations

If you want people attracted to your Romatic Novel, your design must convey that it’s not a Thriller or Medieval Fantasy book. The way to do this is to have clear thematic elements on the front of your book… use Certain imagery in your Cover design!.

Define Your Story’s Tone

It’s doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve got your genre nailed, you need to give a sense of tone. Your cover design style must be relevant to your story inside the book and the layout style must be also relevant with the content.

Show The Quality Of Your Book

An amateurish looking cover is worse than one which is vague about its genre. People just aren’t going to buy your book if it looks like it was made in five minutes using Microsoft Word.

Show the quality of your book by give them the Pro-looking touch!

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